King Shiloh

zaterdag & zondag 13,14 juli

King Shiloh have been busy these last years, not only in Europe & SouthAmerica, but also in Afrika. Ethiopia is our spiritual home, the nextstep after Jamaica.

Reggae Music is flourishing, especially in the capital Addis Abeba. Since last year King Shiloh have an 8 scoop sound system in the capital, and are officially opening the Addis Dub Club in the beginning of March. A cooperation between King Shiloh, Rastafari Travel & the local community of singers & sound systems. After the unbelievable sessions in Febuary & November 2018 we thought it appropriate to share the vibeswith the massive in Europe! So we present the Shashemane Souljahs, alongside King ShilohsSirRoundSound at 3 festivals in July 2019.

Who are the ShashemaneSouljahs? A group of talented musicians & singers; Teddy Dan, resident for 16 years in Ethiopia, a prophetic singer with a catalogue of hits &musical achievements both there & here. Ras Ibi, 20+ years resident in Ethiopia & the singer of King Shilohs first release Trod On/Battle ofAdowa, in this time fwd with a brand new Shiloh Ites produced albumen titled Thundering in The Mountains.

Ras Daniel Ray is the 3rd Souljah,having spent many years in Afrika, a singer & artist of immense talent with various releases to his name, on labels such as Reggae on Top &Belleville.The vibes will be upful & spiritual, exciting & something unique in these times where the same singers are to be seen on the festival circuit each year. Its defiantly not to be missed, a combination made in Zion! King Shiloh sound system & the Shashemane Souljahs…. Tuffer thanTuff!