Pacha Mama // Vr 15 Juli

Pacha Mama Soundsystem is a collective of 3 man who try to bring all cultural and musical aspects of the soundsystem culture during their live shows. Building their own Soundsystem from scratch in 2011 and playing eversince.

They have collaborated with the likes of Channel One, King Shiloh, Blackboard Jungle, Earl 16, Brother Culture, Kibr La Amlak, Ras Divarius, Alpha & Omega, Radikal Guru, Moa Anbessa, Addis Pablo, Tuff Scout & many more.

We take care of of a full evening show on our own system where heavy bass fill up the arena with the magical vibrations of the Reggae.
We work with a live saxophonist, percussionist and 2 vocalist and creating live dub music to give the session more depth.